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    ,technically, Incorporated was founded to fill the industrial market niche between bench scale chemical R&D and commercial manufacturing.  We perform process development, toll manufacturing, and contract R&D on concepts devised by our customers.  Our size makes us flexible and responsive in our problem solving without sacrificing personal attention to our clients.

    Commercial manufacturers save time and money when they use us as a competent and dependable external source of process development, because their in-house development times and expenses decrease.  ,technically,'s chemists and engineers have decades of experience in the industrial manufacturing and processing of organic materials, and in designing technical packages that facilitate the transfer of a process or product to commercial scale production.  We can find the right toll manufacturer for your larger-scale process, and will supervise all aspects of its scale-up.

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    To meet semi-commercial custom manufacturing requirements, our pilot plant is equipped to make specialty organics in quantities ranging from tens to thousands of kilograms per year.  The unique modular design of our plant means the right equipment will be used for each job, whether the project is a one-time manufacturing run, a demanding "just-in-time" order, or a scheduled standing order.  

    Our laboratory/pilot facility allows us to work on most types of organic chemicals, and the experience of our chemists and engineers is extensive.  Whether we manufacture a specialty organic, polymer, or pharmaceutical intermediate, or develop a process that translates effectively to a large manufacturing plant, our customers interact with seasoned professionals.  We offer honest and accurate assessments of cost and delivery times.

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    We keep our overhead low by remaining a manageable size, but we offer a full array of services because we are affiliated with a network of entrepreneurial companies and individuals that perform a wide variety of scientific and engineering functions.  This ensures that all our customer's needs can be met on any project we undertake.

,technically, offers an intelligent and well priced means of custom synthesis, manufacturing, and technology development.