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Recent Projects




,technically, has recently devised the synthesis and optimized the pilot production of a specialty polymer being tested for use in devices exposed to high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres.  In addition, we are supervising the initial 3,500 gallon scale-up run and  the transfer process to a facility producing 50,000 pounds annually.  

  • The optimization and scale-up reduced the price per pound from $2,357 to $438.


Pharmaceutical Intermediates

A multi-step synthesis was worked out and scale-up to produce an intermediate needed by a world renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer.  The initial 20 kilogram order was satisfied, and a standing order for several 100 kilogram batches per year has been issued.

  • This intermediate is made more rapidly and at a lower cost than could be made in-house by the pharmaceutical firm.  The project cost savings to the manufacturer is approximately $275,000 annually.


Process Development

A synthetic method to incorporate chromophores on an antibody that is a constituent of a new assay kit designed to detect a specific virus by calorimetric methods has been developed.  The antibody assay results in substantially lower false positive and negative results in the screening of human blood, yields rapid results, and eliminates the danger of contaminating detection devices.

  • The California biotech company netted a first year profit of $2.5 million from the assay kit.