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Process Development



    ,technically,'s synthesis and manufacturing capability spans the milligram to thousand-kilogram scale.  The link between bench and manufacturing plant is our expertise in process development.

    By applying effective experimental design models and sophisticated analysis of the results from the models, we can scale up laboratory procedures safely and quickly to kilo- and pilot-scale.  Because the maximum amount of information is obtained from a minimum number of experiments, our chemists and engineers determine the optimal process routes producing the highest yields and purities in a manner that saves our clients considerable time and money.

    Because our capabilities and equipment support true research, our process development and process improvement are of the highest quality.  Thus, process transfer to our own pilot plant is facilitated, and technology transfer packages that we provide for scale-up to large commercial plants translate smoothly and efficiently.


Advantages of using ,technically, as a partner in process development:

  • Cut time-to-market by using a source of expert process development dedicated to the client's process

  • Cut overall costs because we provide the highest quality process development at small-company prices

  • Speed up transition of a process to large commercial scale because we produce detailed technology transfer packages that include

    • Standard Operating Procedures

    • Process Flow Diagrams

    • Hazardous Operations (Hazops) and Safety Packages

    • Analytical Packages

    • Raw Material and Product Specifications