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Pilot Plant


"We offer the perfect size and flexibility in pilot manufacturing for companies that need smaller quantities of custom organics for testing or end use."



Skid Row at ,technically,:   Modularity & flexibility allow custom configuration, the ability to integrate new equipment to the system, rapid process development, and efficient scale-up and technology transfers

    ,technically, offers the perfect size in pilot manufacturing for companies seeking smaller quantities of custom organics.  Our size and lower overhead mean that we accept projects that large manufacturing facilities may turn down, and we do them at a fair price.  Our process development capabilities optimize product purity and yields, and minimize the costs of production, whether the process remains at pilot scale or gets translated to larger, bulk manufacturing facilities.

    Our glass-lined and stainless steel pilot plant equipment ranges from 10-50 gallons, providing a convenient size for semi-commercial production and process development projects.  All pilot equipment is skid-mounted and modular, allowing pieces to be added or removed as needed.  The resulting set-up is flexible, allowing custom configuring of equipment suitable for each project.  Processes are performed using the right combination of equipment for the job: a client's chemistry is not forced into facilities that happen to be available at the time. 

    We can assemble equipment that simulates a customer's own plant facilities, thus ensuring a smooth transition into that customer's plant for process development and technology transfer projects.

    ,technically,'s pilot-scale activities employ "Six-Sigma" principles of business excellence.  Thus our industrial practices follow models, processes, and protocols that optimize results, decrease errors, and slash costs.  All operations are performed at the highest industrial standards of performance and safety, incorporating cGMP and EPA practices.



  • Agitated Reactions with Heating and Cooling
  • Distillations (regular and fractional), at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum
  • Solvent stripping/concentrating/evaporating used wiped film evaporators (Rotovap-type)
  • Filtrations
  • Precipitations with and without agitation
  • Crystallization with and without cooling
  • Drying under high vacuum or at atmospheric pressure
  • Chromatographic separations at analytical or semi commercial scale
  • Extractions
  • Custom Centrifugation
  • Custom Manufacturing


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50 gallon glass-lined steel reactor  55g_Gl_Modular_021202.jpg (35155 bytes)
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